About Mailto.ai

Mailto.ai is an automation tool for the traditional mailto links.

Almost all websites, e- commerce websites, blogs, news sites, crowdfunding websites...etc use social share buttons to let their users share the content they like with their friends. Email is as big as social. Yet, sharing content with friends on email is not as easy as sharing on social platforms like WhatsApp, twitter or facebook.

Websites use traditional mailto links to let their users share content on email. Clicking on mailto link annoys users especially when mailto opens the email client software that the user has never used before. MailTo is inconvenient to not just users. In a way, mailto alone can't help websites scale their email referral traffic. Mailto.ai is a replacement tool for traditional mailto, to make the overall experience better to users and beneficial to websites in bringing more email referral traffic.

At mailto.ai, our mission is to help our users share content with their email contacts as easily as possible by partnering with websites and by providing tools to our users to make sharing content easy.